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Published: March 8, 2013,on Blog

Hey everyone for a really long time I’m coming up with new post how I’m doing here. As you’ve noticed the whole article is in English. There are two main reasons why I decided to go this way. I spent a lot of time with my last article instead of practicing English which made me feel bad and discouraged from continuing in other articles. The motivation to improve my English is really big and pushing me forward when I see others having fun. The second reason is that you can successfully practice English with me. Text should be simple to read since my English is still on lower level. Which unfortunately brinks lots of mistakes at the same time… sorry 🙂

The Lake TAHOE in the background


After nearly two months in San Francisco it happened a lot. Classes are in full swing and two tests behind me. I must admit that these tests weren’t so difficult and I hope it’s gonna stay in this way. It might seem that the school system isn’t so efficient in compare to Czech but the opposite is right. About American education system I’m gonna write in more details at the end of the semester mainly for putting inside my overall view and not just a temporary part which is likely to be more imprecise.

With regard to classes they seem very interesting and cover the field which I’d like to be involved in the future. Just for making a basic concept what I spend time for, I mentioned all my four classes below and needful textbooks here.

  • Public Relations
  • Advertising Theory and Practice
  • Internet Marketing (check out my a few current visible assignments: blog and twitter)
  • Consumer Behavior

I chose all my classes from the marketing department though I’m informatics major. The main reasons were expected difficulty of classes with regard to my English skill and my long-term interest in this field. For now, I think it was the best decision which I could do. I also initially tried a class from the psychology department (The Logic and Psychology of Critical Thinking) but after first lecture and overwhelming stream of new technical terms and I didn’t hesitate even a second and rather dropped the class. 🙂

Having good a time

Probably most of you suppose I’m having good time in San Francisco and enjoying doing all crazy stuff which belongs to exchange study. I’d love to say I have a fucking good time but the truth is slightly different. Everything revolves around language which is in my case English. Maybe I blame the language more than is healthy which makes me feel less self-confident, but the language barrier is still certainly there, though. 😀

What you might find useful after this experience is how great is when you handle your own language and can speak without restraint. It’s almost unbelievable how much you realize after this experience which change your perception of thinking in some way. I could honestly say that in particularly way it’s already happened to me. How ridiculous it seems now to make presentation in Czech or speak with others with fears of saying something bad or looking weird, for example. I believe that experience gained from my exchange study program will shift me further in both cases in my personal and professional life, in a good sense.

The student life in San Francisco

I suppose that all these emotional things mentioned above are already getting kinda boring, so let’s move on and say what the exchange life is about and how it looks like.

First off I would point out that there is a huge amount of events mostly for those who get along with friend called alcohol. 🙂 One of those events just took place last weekend. A huge group of people, around 80, decided to go to Lake Tahoe over the weekend. It was booked one big house prepared to rock and roll. One of the first things I heard: take a room far away from a common area. So I did it and what surprise I ended up exactly in the common area. Tell the truth I cannot remember when I slept less hours then in these two days. The second day we did a sightseeing tour along the Lake Tahoe and must admit that the nature is really beautiful there and all the houses are in style of significance to American’s tradition. It is one of the winter resorts where people go skiing and also some of us went skiing. Because for me is not something unusual I skipped this option and don’t regret it. 🙂

Otherwise there are lots of bars in San Francisco; like in Czech is nation2nation on Tuesday here are Thirsty Thursdays. I’ve been in a few of them so far though I met a lot of great people it’s still hard for me to participate in conversation. It’s not about speaking more like about understanding. Yea, my best friend is currently TV show HIMYM which I found on my disk. A little worried if 22 episodes are enough 😀 In spite of the fact, I’m still trying to keep in touch with other international students and attend other alcohol free events focus on discovering city or involvement in student organization.

Now I’m dealing with decision which way my journey should proceed for upcoming spring break and after the semester. There are already some options but no one which would best fit into my schedule. Nevertheless all seem so great.. too excited! 😛

In case of encounter with a glaring mistake, let me please know. I appreciate every kind of feedback except commas, it goes so far beyond me.



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